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What is GalaChain?

GalaChain is a layer 1 blockchain designed to be the foundation of Web3 Gaming, Entertainment and more.

Why is GalaChain?

When Gala Games began integrating blockchain technology with games, we quickly realized that existing blockchain technology was not built to support the kinds of functionality that players and developers desired in Web3 gaming. We set out on a quest to build something different. As Gala has evolved, we recognize even more Web3 use cases that GalaChain is perfect for. We're building a foundation for Web3 Gaming, Entertainment and beyond.

What kind of technology is GalaChain?

The core technology that GalaChain is built on is Hyperledger Fabric. We have built infrastructure and code to add capabilities to easily onboard games and users. Now it's very straightforward to write contracts using typescript. We've also created a Token contract that can be implemented in any channel. This immediately gives the channel access to native Token operations such as transfer, mint, allowances, swapping, lending, and more.

When is GalaChain?

Now! GalaChain has already been integrated into live products including SpiderTanks, Music, PokerGO, and Champions Arena. Many more are being onboarded in preparation for launch. Additionally, we're working incrementally toward broader public access and participation.

Where do nodes come in?

We've got a lot of ideas about that! The first GalaChain workload that will be on nodes is likely to be one that helps perform bridge transaction verifications. More info coming soon!

How fast is GalaChain?

Super-fast (or slow). One of the cool features of GalaChain is that each channel can be configured for different performance options. Maybe your product wants to drop big chunks of data in each block and there's time between transactions, or you could have small data, moving really fast. It's configurable! We typically don't talk about tx/s simply because it's relative to the use case and so one data point may not be useful for everyone.

GalaChain for Publishers

  • Managed end-to-end blockchain solution
  • Managed infrastructure
  • Framework to lower chaincode development costs
  • Basic token features out of the box
  • Monetization with fees
  • Built in bridge

GalaChain for Developers

  • A framework and a set of tools for easy chaincode development
  • Open Source SDK, battle tested at Gala
  • Local development tools
  • Standardized and documented REST API
  • Testnet and Mainnet
  • CLI to manage the whole development cycle